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But when looking at metrics, you want to consider using one or more the following.: Authority Score Semrushs own metricthat grades the overall quality of a website and tells you how impactful a backlink from a site can be for your SEO. The ratio of follow to nofollow links Ideally, your link profile will contain far more follow links than nofollow links. Topical relevance How closely aligned to your business are the sites that you're' landing links from? Links that come from closely aligned content are typically more valuable. Unique referring domains You dont want to be just earning links from the same domains all the time and should focus on increasing the number of unique referring sites in your link profile. Toxic links This is another Semrush metric that indicates whether a link could pose a risk to your sites rankings.
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Send them a testimonial and include a link to your website you use there service for! Directories - Get your business listed on the best directory sites, such as or, free directories include,, HARO - This backlink source is short for Help a Reporter Out. You can get a REAL reporter to write an article using your knowledge and they include a backlink in exchange! Copy Competition - Which competitor is ranked 1 or 2 in Google search? Search where they have backlinks via or then COPY them! Other Websites to Post for Backlinks - LinkedIn, Blogger, Digg, Fark, Foursquare, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Slashdot, Yelp, YouTube, HubPages,, RedGage, and BlogsThatFollow. Is that enough free backlinks for you or what! How was that? Well, it is a good start you should be busy for a month or forty-two! If you want to keep learning about backlinks and how to improve SEO for all your websites, social media profiles, etc, check out these EPIC resources.: -Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110 in 14 Days -
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7 DA 99 One the most popular social booking marking sites, Reddit gives you the ability to create a free profile account. The thing here is to create a bookmark of your main site, getting you a backlink from a high DA website isn't' all too bad. 8 Discontinued DA 98 Another one of the most popular social bookmarking websites, Delicious gives you a profile where you can add a description about your business as well as a great link back to your main site. 9 Moved to DA 98 You can tell by now, social bookmarking websites are not only very popular, but very high authority. The thing about this site is to add your other social media profiles to it, as well as bookmark your main site, this gives you tons of links. 10 DA 98 One of the most popular video sharing websites in the world just behind YouTube, Vimeo is great because they allow you to add a ton of backlinks to your profile, not only do you want to link to your main site, make sure to add all of your other profiles too.
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Monitor Backlinks Blog. Aditya Rana in SEO July 12, 2018. ELI5: How to Score Reddit Backlinks and Win the Upvote Game. Everyone has at least one friend whos always sharing memes or interesting content. Chances are, that friend is an active Reddit user.
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Or, they can build a ton of low-quality links to your site and eventually get it penalized. In any case, if you fall victim to a negative SEO attack, its really important to spot it early on and take measures against it. Thankfully, getting rid of bad backlinks is easy-if you know the trick. What do I do if my website does have spam backlinks? First of all, take a deep breath and relax. After what youve just read, you probably want to check upon your backlinks right away and report all of them to Google, just to be on the safe side. As far as youre not involved in some unashamed link manipulation, Google will not punish you for a few spam backlinks. All you need to do is to check your backlink profile from time to time and clean it from those sneaky spam bastards. The whole process of fighting against spam backlinks comes down to the following three simple steps.: Detect all of the spam backlinks your website has.; Compile a list of all toxic domains in txt format.;
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Backlink reports and tools. In terms of the backlink analysis itself, both Ahrefs and Semrush give you LOTS of useful information about the backlinks that point to a domain, including breakdowns of.: the number of 'dofollow' links vs 'nofollow' ones. the country of origins of backlinks. anchor text used. new vs lost domains. linking domain types government, education etc. I generally prefer the way that Semrush presents this information - simple but attractive graphs spell out the key stats in a way that helps you digest them easily. Additionally, Ahrefs and Semrush both provide you with 'link' intersect tools. These allow you to compare a URL from your website against corresponding ones from competitor websites, and give you an exportable list of websites that are currently linking to your competitors, but not to you. Semrushs 'backlink' gap feature. Ahrefs link intersect tool gives you more fine grain information than Semrushs, because it allows you to compare a URL against 10 others, whereas Semrush limits the comparison to 4 other websites. And I find Ahrefs tool a bit easier to use.
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Search Spam Black Hat SEO. Sometimes I will see in OSE that my competitors are getting dofollow links from banner ads. These ads are usually not run by ad networks, but are basically linked jpgs set up on blogs or small business websites.
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Top 5 Websites to Create Quality Backlinks. Quora is a massively popular Question and Answer website which receives over 100 million monthly visits from around the world. In this website you can get answers of each and every question which you can imagine, like -. how to bend a football like beckham? What difference is there between Bible stories and childrens stories? How do I make ayurveda medicines? How to learn pottery? how to make computer games? Both questions and answers can be submitted by anyone. Since there are no moderation rules, questions and answers are displayed right away. Related Tutorial - SEO to Rank your Content Higher in Google Search. In the below picture see how a person has created a backlink while answering a question on Pancakes. I advise you to answer the question in the best manner as possible and avoid answering just for the sake of making a backlink. Good answer gets Up votes by other members and are shown on the top, which results in more views. Reddit is a high traffic discussion based website allowing people to submit links or text post.

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